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You Have The Power To Change The System

The CSRC, in collaboration with UC partners across the state, will be launching the Thriving Youth Study, a mixed methods investigation into the various institutional resources necessary for supporting young people’s mental and physical health; educational attainment; job training; labor rights; and civic leadership. This study will include a survey that draws on data gathered from 2022 CA Freedom Summer interns and input from community partners. The survey aims to inform grassroots campaigns, local and statewide policy, and academic research and will offer UC, community college, and high school students from low-income BIPOC communities the opportunity to participate in a community-engaged research project led by Dr. Veronica Terriquez.

Our Call To Action

At least 100 youth researchers—including those enrolled in high school, community college, and the UC system—will be at the forefront of collecting data from their local communities. They will receive rigorous training in research ethics, survey questionnaire construction, sampling, data collection strategies, and data reporting. Moreover, they will be taught to employ respondent-driven sampling methodology to ensure that data are gathered from a representative sample of young people from high-poverty communities; to collect surveys from young people in their own (or similar) communities; and to be responsible for conducting follow-up qualitative interviews with a subsample of survey participants. While this study will meet rigorous academic standards, it will also enable young researchers to draw from their own lived experiences as they contribute to its design and implementation at the local level.

What You’ll Be Working On

Key to the success of this project will be the involvement of high school students who will assist with the development of community-specific survey questions, survey questionnaire administration, data analysis, and reporting. Through concurrent enrollment at community colleges, high school students will be trained alongside UC and community college students in a survey questionnaire development and administration. High school student participants in the course will be recruited with the assistance of grassroots youth organizing groups. Part of the intellectual work conducted with students will include testing questions that assess the extent to which young people are being educated to contribute to a multi-racial democracy
Other questions will focus on topics such as, but not limited to; access to educational supports; postsecondary educational plans; challenges to educational success; workforce development; labor rights; youth development and civic engagement opportunities; food and housing insecurity; transportation access; and demographics. 

Our Community Leader: 
Dr. Veronica Terriquez

CFS is led by Dr. Veronica Terriquez, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Director, and involved in collaboration with the other ethnic studies research centers within the UCLA Institute of American Cultures, as well as faculty at other UC campuses, faculty at community colleges, and public high school teachers.


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